Group Management

 Morten Werner 2015  Foto Fredrik Johansson

Morten Werner

Born 1949
Employed at Poolia since 2014
Shareholding: 200 000
Master of Sciene in Business Administration, University of Southern California.
Background: MD Hasselfors Garden, Pandora Management and Feelgood Svenska, Partner at Sevenco and EuroNordic Corporate Advisors, and several other managing positions.


Fredrik Johansson

Born 1981
Employed at Poolia since 2017
Shareholding: 0
Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics, Uppsala University.
Background: CFO at Wasa Kredit AB, Audit Senior at Deloitte AB.
Board Member Jose Majanen Board Member Tobias Rebenich

Jose Majanen

Born 1969
MD, Poolia Finland
Employed at Poolia since 2007
Shareholding: 0
Diploma in Economics and Sociology, University of Bremen
Background: Regional Manager, Manpower Finland; Industrial Liaison Officer, Centre for International Mobility in Finland.

Tobias Rebenich

Born 1971
MD, Poolia Germany
Employed at Poolia since 2011
Shareholding: 0
Banking apprenticeship (Chamber of Industry and Commerce). Additional qualification in economics.
Background: Area Manager Amadeus FiRe Germany, Senior Manager Robert Half Germany, Branch Manager Manpower Germany.

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