Salaries and Other Remuneration

Senior executives at Poolia are the Group's management team, which consists of the CEO/Managing Director and two Ass. Managing Directors of the parent company and Poolia Sweden, the Country Managers in Finland and Germany, the Chief Financial Officer and the HR Director. The 2017 AGM decided on, in accordance with earlier guidelines applied for remunerations of Senior Executives, that the variable remuneration may vary up to 40% of the fixed salary.


Poolia shall offer competitive terms that enable the company to recruit and retain competent staff. Remuneration to senior executives shall consist of basic salary, variable remuneration, pension and other standard benefits. The remuneration is based on the individual's commitment and performance in relation to targets defined in advance, both individual targets and shared targets for the company as a whole. There is continuous evaluation of individual performance.

Basic salary

The basic salary is usually reviewed once a year and must take into account the quality of the individual's performance. The basic salary for the Managing Director and other senior executives must be competitive.

Variable remuneration

The variable remuneration shall be based on the trend in revenues and/or profits within the individual's own area of responsibility and the Group. The variable remuneration may vary up to 40 per cent of the basic salary.
Decisions on any share-related or share price-related incentive schemes aimed at senior executives must be made by the Annual General Meeting.

Other remuneration and terms of employment

The Managing Director has, in addition to the pension benefits pursuant to the Swedish National Insurance Act, a personal pension agreement. Other senior executives are covered by contribution-based pension plans that essentially correspond to the premium level for the ITP plan. The retirement age for all senior executives is 65.

Senior executives are entitled to six or twelve months' notice if the employment contract is terminated by themselves or by the relevant company respectively. The monthly salary shall be paid during the entire period of notice, although with a deduction for any other salary received during the period of notice. There are no agreements on additional severance payments for senior executives.

Some senior executives also have company cars.

Deviations from the guidelines

The Board is entitled to deviate from the above guidelines if the Board considers that there are special reasons in an individual case to justify this.

Share-based incentive schemes

There are no share-based incentive schemes.


At the end of 2016 the company's senior executives were the Group's management team, consisting of the CEO/Managing Director of the parent company and Poolia Sweden, the Managing Director of Poolia Germany and the Managing Director of Poolia Finland.

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