Board of Directors

Björn Örås

Born 1949
Chairman of the Board
Shareholding: 7,525,260
Founder of Poolia, Board Member since Poolia's establishment in 1989.
Background: Product Group Manager, Pierre Robert; Product Group Manager, IKEA; MD and Agency Director, Appel & Falk, Blanking; Managing Director, Poolia. Own businesses: Björn Örås Marketing, Karat Utveckling, SMA.
Board positions: Chairman of the Board of Uniflex AB, Dedicare AB and Bro Hof Slott.

Dag Sundström

Born 1955
Shareholding: 3,000
Technical Engineer, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Economist, Stockholm School of Economics.

Background: Management consultant, Director, McKinsey & Company Inc.; MD & CEO, Teleca AB; XLENT Consulting Group; Own business, Dag Sundström Consulting AB; InterPares Management Consultants.

Board positions: Schools of Raoul Wallenberg AB,  DS Holding AB, Dedicare AB.

Anna Söderblom

Born 1963
Shareholding: 15,000
Board Member since 2013
Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Economics.
Background: Active at Stockholm Scool of Economics as researcher and course manager. Previously  Marketing Director at Microsoft Nordic and Posten Brev as well as investment Manager at Industrifonden.

Board positions: Chairman of the Board of Avega Group AB, Advenica AB. Board Member Ortivus AB, Excanto AB, Almi Företagspartner and Länsförsäkringar Liv Försäkringsaktiebolag.

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