Board of Directors

Björn Örås

Born 1949
Chairman of the Board
Shareholding: 7,525,260
Founder of Poolia, Board Member since Poolia's establishment in 1989.
Background: Product Group Manager, Pierre Robert; Product Group Manager, IKEA; MD and Agency Director, Appel & Falk, Blanking; Managing Director, Poolia. Own businesses: Björn Örås Marketing, Karat Utveckling, SMA.
Board positions: Chairman of the Board of Uniflex AB, Dedicare AB and Bro Hof Slott.

Dag Sundström

Born 1955
Shareholding: 3,000
Technical Engineer, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Economist, Stockholm School of Economics.

Background: Management consultant, Director, McKinsey & Company Inc.; MD & CEO, Teleca AB; XLENT Consulting Group; Own business, Dag Sundström Consulting AB; InterPares Management Consultants.

Board positions: Schools of Raoul Wallenberg AB,  DS Holding AB, Dedicare AB.

Anna Söderblom

Born 1963
Shareholding: 15,000
Board Member since 2013
Doctor of Philosophy in Business and Economics.
Background: Active at Stockholm Scool of Economics as researcher and course manager. Previously  Marketing Director at Microsoft Nordic and Posten Brev as well as investment Manager at Industrifonden.

Board positions: Chairman of the Board of Avega Group AB, Advenica AB. Board Member Ortivus AB, Excanto AB, Almi Företagspartner and Länsförsäkringar Liv Försäkringsaktiebolag.

Lennart Pihl

Born 1950
Shareholding: 10,000
Board Member since 2013
Master of Science in Business and Economics.
Background: Heading a private consultancy business since 2004. Previously MD for Bong Ljungdahl and Acrimo. As consultant also as Interim MD in Green Cargo, Konstruktions-Bakelit, Brio Lek & Lär and AuroLight.
Board positions: Chairman of the Board of Nordic Room Improvement, Green Cargo, Bertex AB, Olivetree, Ingape AB. Vice Chairman Heatex AB. Board Member ReadSoft and Avega.

Foto Marika Skärvik
Marika Skärvik

Born 1963
Shareholding: 500
Board Member since 2015
Market economy at RMI Bergs, studies in Economics and Law at Stockholm University.
Background: MD Performance Potential AB, Sales Manager Saven AB, Business Development Microsoft, MD NetCenter, Business Area Manager Tieto,  MD Carlson Wagonlit, MD Hudson Norden.
Board positions: Chairman of the Board of STCC, Board Member of Optronic  Norden AB and Springlife AB.

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