Twentyfive years with heart and soul

Poolia has always specialised in qualified staff. We started in 1989 under the Ekonompoolen brand with the temporary staffing and permanent placement of qualified economists. With the healthy success and growth that followed, in 1997 we became a full-service supplier offering positions in both management and warehouse & industry. However, since 2002 we have once more focused on our core competence in the field of qualified staffing.

Poolias grundare Björn ÖråsPoolia has gone through a number of phases in the company's twenty-year history - rapid growth in the 1990s, a decline during the recession and then a few years of healthy growth. Throughout this time, we have never lost our strong corporate culture and our fundamental values. The will to assume responsibility, with heart and soul; everyone is unique and important. We honour our values in all of our meetings and relationships. If you have ever met any of us from Poolia, you understand what I mean.

- Björn Örås, Poolia’s founder and Chairman of the BoardMilestones in Poolia's history:

1989: Björn Örås founds Ekonompoolen ("Pool of Accountants") in Stockholm.

1992: New legislation in Sweden to deregulate temporary staffing.

1993: Teknikerpoolen founded. Deregulation of the permanent placement market.

1996: Björn Örås becomes sole owner. The company adopts a new strategy to become a full-service supplier within the staffing sector.

1999: Poolia is launched on the Stock Exchange, and becomes the first company in Sweden to offer a Legal business area.

2000: Poolia becomes Sweden's second fastest-growing company and third largest staffing company. Operations start in Denmark and Finland.

2001: Acquisition of Competence Sköterskejouren leading to the inception of Poolia Healthcare. Acquisition of A&Z and thereby the start of operations in Germany. The staffing market declines due to the recession and Poolia's profitability falls.

2002: New strategy - focus on qualified positions under the Poolia Professionals brand. Services within Warehouse & Industry are organised in a separate subsidiary called Uniflex. Poolia Healthcare starts up in Norway.

2004: Poolia turns to profit. Acquisition of UK company Parker Bridge, with operations in London and Edinburgh. Uniflex is portioned out to shareholders and listed on the Stock Exchange.

2007: Poolia Healthcare and Poolia Doctor are hived off from Poolia and launched as a separate campany, Dedicare.

2008: Continued strong growth and Poolia's most profitable year ever. Continued expansion in Germany.

2009: Recession and decline in demand places high demands on efficiency and cost awareness. Continued growth in the subsidiary Dedicare.

2010: Economy is improving and Poolia launches Poolia Quality, a quality marking that expresses our ambition to constantly strive for value and security for our clients.

2011:  Sweden establishes itself in Northern Sweden and opens up new offices in Sundsvall and Umeå. Poolia starts a new business area, Poolia Executive Search. Foreign operations show profitability. Dedicare is distributed to the shareholders.

2013: Poolia's strategy is focused on core business, temporary staffing and permanent placement of professionals. Focus on sales and employee development.

2014: A year of change. The operations are restructured with a focus on sales and with a focus on sales and marketing.

2015: The focus on profitabilit improvements, strategic and organisational development and sales begins to produce results.







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